WalkingSense – New ways – Alternative routes – Step up

At a crossroad in your life

If you find yourself at a crossroad in your life and would like to be coached in taking a step forward, then I am able to help you.

Are you a nomad or a go-mad?

Explore your ambition in life

Moving forward

In particular, those who are still ambitious and consider making changes in their life or working career may find my walking approach helpful. Walking with me as your Ambition Coach may help you de-blocking negative thoughts that prevent you from moving forward.

Stop obstructive thoughts; find new perspectives and start acting.

Creative thinking

English or Dutch

Everyone who needs my professional help is welcome to walk with me. If you don’t speak Dutch and would like to be coached, I can also help you if you speak English. Wageningen is known for its university and research centres (WUR) as well as a variety of global working companies (for example Friesland Campina), this means that many nationalities are present among its citizens. Do you know anyone who needs change, could use my coaching skills and speaks English? Then, please spread the word.

  • My mind says one thing
  • However, I feel something else
  • The help of a Walkingcoach makes sense


If you are interested, please contact me by sending an email to info@walkingsense.nl